What’s in our tap water?

Do you know what’s in our tap water?

I’ve just read an article from the daily mirror about the state of our tap water and it’s rather scary stuff! I’ve heard before about chemicals in our water but never really knew the extent of it. I also had no idea that some of the harmful chemicals in our tap water come from the anti-depressant pills that we, as a nation, are gobbling down in ever growing numbers. This happens because when people take a pill, it isn’t fully absorbed into the body, and what’s left gets urinated back into the water supply. Nice. Realistically though it’s unlikely to be having any affect on us human’s, according to the mirror ”you’d need to drink about 37,000 litres of tap water to get a dose of anti-depressants.”

But lets not forget our feathery friends! A study done by some scientists researching this matter, aimed to find out the effect the antidepressants is having on our ecosystem, particularly birds. They fed worms that has been treated with the anti-depressant chemical Fluoxetine to birds and records the results. Their study revealed that birds who had eaten these worms seem to lose interest in eating, lose weight, and lose interest in potential mates! All the more reason to drink bottled water, although I’m sure there are a lot of people out their who would be happy to lose weight from drinking water!!

Anti-depressants aren’t the only source of harmful chemicals in our drinking water, though.  Others include oestrogen from contraceptive pills, blood pressure tablets, and painkillers. I’d love to know what you think about all this? Are you one of those who isn’t really bothered? or one of those who only drinks bottled water? or somewhere in the between? If your’e one of those who only drinks bottled water, or a company who supplies its staff or customers with bottled water, you should check out our options of promotional bottled water here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what’s in our water, have a read through the full article from the daily mirror here.