The importance of a Brand Guardian

Our Brand Guardian @water247ltd is @MortyGraphics our own in-house Creative Account Manager. Morty aka Spanx (after his love of Lycra and superhero’s) understands the need for our company to stand out in a competitive climate. The importance of distinguishing ourselves from the rest of the pack is high on Spanx’s agenda and this involves telling our brand story to all of those that are willing to listen.

It’s not only our own brand that benefits from Spanx’s knowledge but also the many brands that we work in partnership with.

Being able to tell your brand story is how brands connect with their consumers.  Ever wonder why social networking sites are so popular? The answer is because people crave the emotional and powerful connection that comes through telling a story. Maybe this emotive response is a throw back to bedtime stories when we were infants with our parents.

The best brand stories are irresistible, compelling and provocative in a way that your target audience is going to hear and buy in to your brand message and values. Telling that kind of brand story will position you and your company as a leader in your given marketplace.

The most memorable brand stories tell the unexpected, speak directly to the heart or prompt you to do more with your life.  Take Adidas, for example. Its brand story challenges people to be empowered and believe that they can achieve anything when wearing their sporting apparel in life and “Impossible is nothing.”  That story inspires, empowers and promotes self belief. Engagement with a brands values through their story is paramount in a crowded marketplace.

So don’t delay…start telling your brand story today and feel that empowerment that we all feel @water247ltd.