Frequently asked questions

Where does the water come from? Our modern award winning main bottling plant is based near Hereford, England. Our sales office is based in Cheshire, England.
What’s the shelf life of the water?
Still water 18 months, Sparkling water 12 months.Please ensure water is kept in a cool dark location as prolonged exposure to sunlight could cause algae to be formed.
What is the difference between spring & mineral water?
Both are naturally pure waters bottled directly at source.  Spring waters may be treated (using particle filters & UV treatment) to ensure optimum quality and to meet stipulated hygiene standards, defined by regulations.  Mineral water can only be filtered to remove particles of sand, grit or dirt that may be present prior to bottling.

How big is the pallet? 100cm x 120cm wide, dependent on your order quantity they can go up to 175cm high.
How heavy is a case of water?
Pretty heavy! 24 x 500ml PET = 12.7kg / 12 x 750ml Glass = 14.84kg.

How do you deliver the water? Pallets are delivered through a pallet distribution network.  The water is collected from the bottling plant, sent on a lorry to a central hub and then transported from the hub to the delivery depot who then deliver it to your address.  Standard deliveries are on a 2-3 day service.  The depot may contact you the day before your delivery to see if you will accept it earlier (you have the right to say no).  Delivery drivers are paid to deliver to the outside of the address given, they’re not insured to breakdown the pallet(s) and deliver case by case.  This means you’ll need to consider how you’ll get the water from the “kerbside” to where you want it to be stored.
What do I do if my address isn’t suitable to receive pallets
!  We’ll be happy to work out a price to breakdown the delivery and deliver by hand case-by-case.  You will incur an extra cost for this service which is to cover additional labour and time required.

When do I pay for the water? Payment is on a proforma basis, i.e. you need to fully pay for the water with your order.  Work will not be dispatched without evidence of the payment being sent or received.
How do I pay for the water?
Payment needs to be made directly via bank transfer.  Details will be provided with your proforma invoice.  Cash and cheques are not accepted.  Please ensure you email a record of the bank payment.  This can be done by pressing the ‘print screen’ key and then pasting it onto an email.  Feel free to call the sales office on 01606 24-7 24-7 if you require and further help or assistance.

Do you provide water free to Charities?  Sorry we can’t but we are happy to provide FREE design work. Why not see if you can obtain a number of corporate sponsors to co-fund your water in return for having their logo on the label?

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